Epic Minigames Codes – JULY 2020

One of the first games I ever got addicted to on Roblox was definitely Epic Minigames. The unique fascination I loved about this game was there are a huge range of Minigames to play and even though some are trickier then the other, I always still have a good time on the game whether I win or loose. The pets and effects from the shops that you unlock too just make the game that much more different!

In our article you will find all current codes that are still working and able to use, so make sure to check our list so you are not missing one of the codes and are up to date! Will we make sure to keep our list updated regularly so remember to check back now and then when you can!

How To Redeem The Codes

To enter the codes is fairly simple in Epic Minigames, firstly once you are loaded up in a game just look for the shop icon on the side of your screen. Once you have clicked on that you should then see a large green box; Once you come across the “Enter Code” box, simple click on it and enter one of our codes from the list below. Please be mindful on your spelling, take your time to correctly put in the code, once your happy hit enter them BOOM your award will now be in your inventory for you to use!

All Working Codes List

Down below is all of the working codes that we are aware of, please feel free to keep checking back for updates so you do not miss out on any new codes!

  • Redeem this code for the Twitter Bird Pet: TWEETTWEET
  • Redeem this code for the Twitter Birds Effect: TWEETSTWEETS

Even though these codes are only for cosmetic purposes only, they honestly do add more fun to the game play as well keeping your character to stand out from the crowd too!

Expired Codes

Below is a list of the codes that are now sadly expired in the game, if you have already had the chance to redeem these in game then the item you received will still be available in your inventory to use.

  • Redeem this code for the Neon Tiger Pet: Epic1Bil
  • Redeem this code for the Eggy Title: HappyEaster2020
  • Redeem this code for the Twitter Bird Pet: TWEETTWEET
  • Redeem this code for the Twitter Birds Effect: TWEETSTWEETS
  • Redeem this code for Slurpee Gear: Slurp
  • Redeem this code for Cups Of Tea Effect: saucer
  • Redeem this code for Musician Title: tunes
  • Redeem this code for Plasma Effect: energy
  • Redeem this code for Spooky Guitar Gear: ScaryTunes
  • Redeem this code for the Normal Title: standard

Not to fear as codes for these games are often released so there are always more opportunities for you to get your hands on more codes to use.

Make sure to check back soon so your up to date with any new code releases.