Murder Mystery 2 

One of the games you may find me in often is defiantly Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2. The main objective of this game is to solve the mystery; who is the murderer? When you start the round your “Role” will be chosen at random.

The first is “Innocent” your main goal is to stay alive and run and hide from the murderer while trying to discover who it is at the same time!

Then there is “Sheriff” for this role you must work alongside with the innocents, they are relying on you to KILL the murderer as your the only one with the gun, if you unfortunately get killed by the murderer an innocent can pick up the gun and have the opportunity to KILL the murderer and become the HERO!

Lastly there is the “Murderer” your goal is to KILL everyone but as discretely as possible and do not get caught and shot by the Sheriff or the Hero!

From time to time the developers of this game release codes for special and unique knives that are only available for a certain amount of time before they expire. Even though the knives codes are only for cosmetic purposes only and have no real advantage over the other player it is a nice item to add to your collection.

How To Redeem Codes In Murder Mystery 2?

To redeem codes in fairly simple, firstly log onto your Roblox account and jump into a game of Murder Mystery. Once your loaded in and in the game lobby, look at the side of your screen and click on the inventory button – you should see this screen pop up below.

At the bottom you will be able to see the “EnterCode” section, this is where you will be able to redeem your codes and enjoy your NEW FREE items!

Active Codes

Below is the all the current working codes for this moment in time, remember to check back often as we update our code lists regular so you guys do not miss out!

COMB4T2: Redeem this code to get a free Combat II Knife

Expired Codes

Below is a list of the codes that are now sadly expired in the game, if you have already had the chance to redeem these in game then the item you received will still be available in your inventory to use.

  • NatureUpdateRedeem this code and receive 500 gold.
  • AL3XRedeem this code to earn a free purple knife.
  • SUBoRedeem this code to earn a free green knife.
  • D3NISRedeem this code to earn a free dark blue knife.
  • CORL Redeem this code to earn a free blue knife.
  • SK3TCHRedeem this code to earn a free orange knife.
  • PRISMRedeem this code to earn a free silver knife.

Not to fear as codes for these games are often released so there are always more opportunities for you to get your hands on more codes to use.

Make sure to check back soon so your up to date with any new code releases.



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