Is Fortnite About to Die Soon

Every game reaches the pinnacle of its success at some point, and Fortnite appears to have outshined, moving past its former glory days. It is not even close to its peak success at present. It is an undeniable reality that Fortnite is changing drastically. The game is becoming fiercely competitive, and its pleasure and entertainment aspect is beginning to lose out.

Bad decision makings by Epic Games

It is clear as a day that with the player base in mind, Epic Games did not always implement the updates. Items like siphon exclusion, encouraging the fad of OG skins or even failing to control the loot collection. The pace of updates also got decreased along with incomplete modifications. Plenty of the changes happening were in Chapter 1, the worst being incredibly broken items.

Although for some dedicated gamers, such adjustments may appear insignificant, it affects players who are not much familiar with Team Rumble. In professional or even public Solo games, where competitors strive for victory, being defeated by a broken weapon sounds like the game no longer value players’ time and dedication.

The Game Content is Not Sufficient.


Games like Minecraft are known for having an endless myriad of factors and an incredible amount of possibilities to perform. Fortnite does not have a variety of content. From responses to content updates, it is remarkably simple seeing that players are being disappointed by the lack of material.

Fortnite Battle Royale also saw a downward trend as towards gameplay. Professional players and streamers were in an argument about how Fortnite is no longer enjoyable. The game requires improvement outside the boundary of just introducing new cosmetics and events.

A series of updates recently resolved nearly several problems presented by the streamers and top players. V12.50 underwent significant rework in many respects. Nonetheless, there are still some items left unaddressed, including the discussion about SBMM.

Ninja’s Remarks on Prominent Issues with Fortnite


Ninja ranks among the prominent names in the video game world in recent times. Ninja rose to his prominence by playing Fortnite. Recently, he had a gaming session with SypherPK and displayed his anger towards Fortnite as how the game is not enjoyable anymore. Both pointed out few imbalance features and overpowered weapons that make them seem broken and unfair at every level of gameplay.

Ninja Requires Epic Games to Boost Player Count


Ninja and SypherPK discussed some very critical concerns with in-game. Among one of them concerns the addition of more players, with much less focus on bots. This topic is doing the circles for a long time, but Epic Games does not seem to care and always turn a blind eye over it.

Sypher found out that 60-90 per cent of bots comprised of lobbies. If Epic decides to boost the number of players, the intensity of Fortnite gameplay will most certainly rise. Fortnite accomplishes to equalize the similar difficulty even with 100 players in a game.

Ninja immediately came up with his viewpoint and highlighted that an LTM or perhaps 125 might prove decent to at least start from somewhere. Total of 150 players might be too much in the beginning, but what matters the most is taking that one initial step towards revolution.

How can Epic Games save the Fortnite from declining with each passing day? Please share your comments with us.